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The D1 route Derby to Sutton Coldfield was successfully trialed with a Minibus for three terms and per the MOU a coach is booked for next term. We are excited that demand has grown on this route and we look forward to serving the children of Derby with their near home to school transportation services needs.

We are excited to offer new Derby parents a seat on the coach from September 2019 and guaranteed for 5 years with a fix price for total peace of mind.

The SE1 route from Tysely, Hall Green, Mockspath, Solihull, Acocks Green, Stechford, Hodge Hill School has now been successfully running since inception. Demand for other routes is there but needs to be at a sufficient level to warrant a coach service and this year 2017/2018 we intend to go live with other possible routes if the demand from the new intake is in sufficient numbers. Do not hesitate, register your interest on induction day 14th March 2017.

After meticulous route testing and planning, the initial routes decided have been published today. Parents and girls should be to be clear on all pick-up points and drop off points that have been allocated. Photographs of all pick up and drop up stops has been provided to assist everyone. Most parents have either a bus stop right outside their house or a bus stop a short walk from the home. There are a few parents who live in remoter areas and may be required to drive a short distance to join their route. All parents need to understand we are catering for the majority of parents. We guarantee all reservations will hold until confirmation or otherwise has been received. Parents are advised to confirm payment using the links provided and decide upon their selected mode of payment: Monthly, Termly and Annual payments. A 5% discount is being offered to all parents paying for their services with an annual payment. Payment details will be sent out by 19.08.2014.

For 2014/2015 four routes are being decided upon to meet the needs of the parents who have signed up. These actual routes will be released imminently after all safety checks have been done on all pick up points. Photographs of each individual stops will be available for parents to ensure there is absolute clarity of all pick up points and drop off points.

The Yellow School Bus Company is delighted to have been able to provide photographs and details of the actual coaches to be used for the services due to start in September to all parents. A new charitable number 0300 999 9355 was acquired and detailed route planning is being undertaken to find the most suitable routes to deliver the services.

The Yellow School Bus Company launched its offering of an exclusive private Girl’s only service to the New Year 7’s starting the school ins September 2014. The company was invited to attend the New Year 7 induction day and received an excellent response to the new services that will be running from the North and South of the City. With 2 coaches completely full, the offering will be extended to other years in the coming weeks. The service is due to launch imminently in the Summer Term for current school girls and will be fully operational from September 2014 when the New Year 7’s join.

The Yellow School Bus Company signs its first MOU with Sutton Grammar School for girls for the rights to manage the home to school transportation services for the girls under a private contractual arrangement with the parents. A private exclusive girls service will run in the North and South of the city to ensure that the girls of Sutton Grammar School for Girls can enjoy an affordable exclusive home to school transportation service which is fun, safe and a stress free experience.

Meeting with the Governors of the school to make a presentation of the Yellow School Bus Company Limited and also to answer questions about the proposed new bus service. Detailed questions were asked and adequately answered regarding the proposed service. New technology opportunities were identified and agreed upon regarding electronic pupil identification on school buses as well as alert provision 5 minutes before arriving at the home or stop to collect a pupil passenger.

Meeting with Headmistress and Business Manager of Sutton Grammar School for Girls in Birmingham to discuss the proposal in detail. Details were discussed with specific questions about making it commercially viable and to ensure that it was done properly and within the right time frames to make it an effective solution that could be polished off for September 2014 when the new intake was to commence school. A summer term going live objective was set but all parties agreed it was best to get it absolutely right, rather than to rush the service.

Proposal to offer School Transportation Services were submitted to Sutton Grammar School with a new pioneering method of charging passengers based on distance traveled. Details of the industry and conventional pricing was evaluated to determine the most sustainable and commercially viable means of deploying a sustainable service. The Yellow School Bus Company Limited was disclosed to the school as a School Transportation Contract and Management Company set up to specifically deal with all stakeholder issues to ensure a that a professional sustainable service could be delivered with a clear 5 year rolling understanding that the rights to manage the service would allow the Operator to invest in leasing new school bus coaches on a rolling 5 year lease basis. Ultimately this would provide security for parents and pupils traveling as well as a supremely higher standard of service. This would be an exclusive private girls only service.

A parent of a Year 8 girl travelling from Solihull every day requested to express an interest in offering school transportation services and to request details of a recent survey conducted by the school for a potential school bus service. Details were provided to and two other operators so that a proposal could be tendered for.

The Yellow School Bus Company Limited is formed as a School Transport Management and Servicing company with the single mission of securing the rights to manage in demand Grammar and Private school transportation services. The mission of the Yellow School Bus Company is to provide a fun, safe and stress free experience for pupils of popular selective schools which attract pupils from a wider geographical area than normal schools. With a CEO who also Is a parent of a daughter at a leading selective grammar school living 12 miles away, a parental viewpoint in structuring such a service was always going to be a win win for all stakeholders.

After a detailed strategic analysis of's business a new business plan for was presented with a clear strategy for the company to focus on the execution of delivering long term contracts. The primary focus was to service new school transportation contracts and then to focus on corporate staff transportation contracts. With a new business plan and corporate overhaul of the business the most major since it's inception in 1928 the company set out to secure it's first contract to service an in demand selective school with a wide catchments area. A separate entity was to be set up to manage school transportation contracts and the CEO of BYBI Limited was asked to invest and head up the Yellow School Bus Company Limited as a self appointed regulatory company that ensured superior levels of service and met the demands of the parents, pupils and school alike.

A number of parents living in Solihull asked the same parent who had looked into providing school transportation services to commence a service to deal with the transportation of the girls from Solihull to Sutton a 12 mile journey. As a CEO of a software company with business experience a request was made to a parent to start a service by asking Limited to commence a private service with 12 girls and that parents would actively help marketing the service to make it break even and ultimately profitable. An undertaking was taken by teh parent to investigate and structure the best possible solution with the most sustainable long term outcome. was asked to allow the parent's business consultancy BYBI Limited to assess strategically the viability of the service and how best to deploy a solution that was a win to all stakeholders.

A parent of a new joiner at Sutton Grammar School for Girls asked the school if there were any bus services running from Solihull to Sutton that provided girls with a safe travel experience. The parent was told that other operators had looked into providing such services but felt that the routes were not commercially viable. With this in mind the parent tried to contact local companies who could possibly provide a school bus service and found that hardly any operator was interested. expressed an interest but had current commitments that meant they could not explore providing such a service.