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Each coach operation in the industry has a VOSA officer monitoring and managing compliance of their fleet maintenance. We have our own workshop and have done full maintenance of our own fleet for many years. Our highly tooled workshops and staff training make our vehicles fully maintained , safe and reliable to use for carrying passengers day in day out.

We have now decided to move over to a full operating lease agreement on all vehicles and to enter into all contracts based on the provision of brand new vehicles that have a bumper to bumper guarantee and after care that protects all vehicles for five years.

Our fleet of vehicles will remain on full operating leases that are on five year rolling agreement. Our contracts are secure and so is the fleet servicing the contracts. It is a win-win for everyone.

The Yellow School Bus Company is a 21st century progressive, ethical and environmentally friendly transport company that is both technology proactive and organisationally respectful of all stakeholders who make our business a successful and rewarding experience. Schools, parents, pupils are all focussed on making the experience of school transportation a seamless extension of school life.

We endeavour to respect the health, safety and welfare of all of our school children, our employees, general public, any visitors or contractors and any other persons who may be affected by our statutory undertakings. The Yellow School Bus Company complies by engaging our “D.E.E.P” Strategy:

  • Deploying a system of maximum health and safety for all stakeholders that is legally compliant and respects the laws of the services we are providing and respects both UK and European Transport Legislations.

  • Establish appropriately experienced Management Structure and Employees who follow strictly a positive safety culture where technology is used sensibly and effectively in all aspects of our business to ensure maximum safety for our school children and parents alike.

  • Engaging a culture of open mindedness in discussing and suggesting continual operational improvement in our systems, technology and our best of practice culture.

  • Providing Effective Driver Training after approving only enhanced CRB checked drivers that have a passion for working with school children in a fun, enjoyable and vibrant school bus atmosphere.

We genuinely believe that Health and Safety is the responsibility of everyone who is a stakeholder in all aspects of our business. It is the duty of every stakeholder to enlighten The Yellow School Bus company of any concern or issue with respect to any aspect of our service.

“Industry Leading Compliance” is the central policy and theme upon which we will continue to develop the business and set high industry leading standards in School Transportation as the premier national School Transportation Contract Management and Services Company.
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