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Drivers Competencies
We provide effective driver training after approving only enhanced CRB checked drivers that have a passion for working with school children in a fun, enjoyable and vibrant school bus atmosphere.

Being a driver at the Yellow School Bus Company is about much more than being a driver. It’s about putting your customer service skills to work and really looking after the school children and making the whole experience a fun, stress free experience.

We require our drivers to have:

  • A Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC)

  • Enhanced CRB checks completed and kept up to date.

  • Clear understanding of health and safety regulations when working with school children.

  • Regular driver assessments and review of Green Road Analysis to improve upon driver safety and eliminate any real time weaknesses or poor habits.

  • Ideally 3 years minimum experience.

  • The ability to be patient and calm under pressure and work confidently on their own as part of a team.

  • Experience to safely drive students to and from school, following a prescribed route, on a daily basis during the school year.

  • Perform daily vehicle circle check safety inspections, documenting & reporting according to company, school & government regulations.

  • The ability to communicate clearly and interact with parents, school employees, passengers, co-workers in a courteous, professional manner as required.

  • A healthy work environment and enjoy weekends, evenings or school holidays in a healthy vibrant environment.
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