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Yellow Bus Real Time Child ID Detect
Due to the State of the Art Technology that is being used by the Yellow School Bus Company a concerned parent is able to detect and locate their child instantly on their smartphone or if at work online through their Child ID Detect login.

There are additional technologies that they Yellow School Bus Company is looking into which will ultimately lead to the ability of a parent to be able to maintain location information of their child if they are not on the school bus and are doing after school activities. This enables parents to maintain information about where their children have been and also to eliminate risks of truancy or peer pressure social outings that may impact on their children’s education.
Latest News
The D1 route Derby to Sutton Coldfield was successfully trialed with a Minibus for three terms
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The SE1 route from Tysely, Hall Green, Mockspath, Solihull, Acocks Green, Stechford, Hodge Hill
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After meticulous route testing and planning, the initial routes decided have been published today.
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For 2014/2015 four routes are being decided upon to meet the needs of the parents
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The Yellow School Bus Company is delighted to have been able to provide photographs and details
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The Yellow School Bus Company signs its first MOU with Sutton Grammar School for girls for the rights
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Meeting with the Governors of the school to make a presentation of the Yellow Bus Company
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Meeting with Headmistress and Business Manager to discuss the proposal in detail. Details were discussed
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Proposal to offer School Transportation Services were submitted to Sutton Grammar School with a new
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A parent of a year 8 girl travelling from Solihull every day requested Yardely Travel to
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