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Benefits of Safer Travel
Many surveys have been done over the years into how many school children suffer accidents on their way to school every year and the level of fatalities on school journeys. It has been proven year after year that the safest method of travelling to school is using a regulated home to school bus service using the safest vehicles built specifically for this mode of transport driven by friendly enhanced CDB checked drivers who enjoy transporting children to and from school.

Over 1200 children a month are involved in road traffic accidents within 500m of the school gates.

The single biggest benefit has to be safety of the school children but there are other striking benefits also.

  • A dedicated seat on a dedicated school bus service.
  • A guarantee that a child should never be late to school.
  • A ‘virtual connection’ between parents and the children travelling after school.
  • A ‘virtual map’ real time check that shows real time location of the child after school.
  • An improvement in the confidence of children that may be insecure and have been bullied.
  • A reduction is school absences.
  • A reduction in school lateness.
  • A reduction is school truancy.
  • A reduction in after school bullying.
  • A reduction in anti-social public behaviour.
  • A reduction in exposure to members of the public.
  • An improvement in alertness of children.
  • A genuine feeling of being part of a school community.
  • A genuine feeling of a fun stress free travel experience.
  • A collective attempt can be made to ensure all children who qualify for free home to school transport are given this with minimal red tape or delay.

Other intangible benefits that we as a society need to respect but are fact:

  • A Reduction in peak time congestion due to parents travelling in cars or car-pooling.
  • A Reduction in environmental pollutants – a reduction in the carbon footprint.
  • An increase in awareness and respect for bright yellow buses safely transporting school children.
  • An increase in potential new student joiner’s perceptions about joining a school with a guaranteed reliable and safe school transportation service.
  • Indirect promotion of a school’s potential intake due to a direct increase in potential catchment area for a selective school.
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